Empowering you for Financial Growth

What we do

We accept you and help you see and understand where you are at now.

We help you re-envision your future by helping you establish goals  that you can stick to- after all ‘without a vision people perish’

We help you  design your own personal spending plan  and banking structures specific to you to ensure ongoing success

We walk with you and hold your hand as you  begin the process of financial recovery – identifying & dealing with  your money habits, behaviours and attitudes – track your spending & identify  needs  and wants.

We empower you  with finance  knowledge and management tools so you can continue making right decisions long after you have left us- “knowledge is power”- it helps you stick with your spending plan.

We aim to grow and walk with you with the aim of weaning you as you realise your dreams.

Debt Management

We help you with  managing your debts.

You choose either:

1. manage your own debts with our instructions and recommendations -we walk with you or

2. we take the pressure off you – we take over all your debts – we deal and negotiate with your creditors. The choice is yours

You deserve financial success.

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    Our personal finance and financial recovery coaches are trained in helping customers experience financial recovery. They are qualified spending planners who will help you see your now and your future.They have a story to tell that has led them here. They are passionate and are truly committed to helping you establish a lasting change in your money behaviors and empower you for financial growth.