Empowering you for Financial Growth

What we do: 

  • Money Coaching
  • Debt Coaching
  • Group Workshops

Get clear & take charge – a spending plan that honours unique you – that is your values, needs ,desires and secret wishes. It’s not about deprivation but spending on things you value and love. Goodbye restrictive budgeting.

Get clear about your income and expenses, what you can spend and how to save for the dream business, vacation or shoes !

Money management systems and banking structures that put you in charge and enable you to be in control of your finances.

How to save your way out of debt.

The Heart Matters – We help you identify emotional triggers , why you are in a fog and how to stay clear, recognise the stumbling blocks such as beliefs ,attitudes ,behaviours that help you stay stuck even though you earn good money.Finally , why you may be earning less than your worth and how to maximise your potential.

Re-envision and recreate your future – an upgrade version of you.

We help you design and an annual plan that can help you see the future and allow to make a final assessment of where you really want to spend your money.

Enjoy spending money guilt and debt free

Freedom to know that no matter what happens in life you have the power, skill and control to create the life you love.

Money is not our purpose in life but to be used to service our needs – so reach your highest potential in life using money well, supporting your dreams, deepest needs and core values!

Money Coaching- this is for individuals, couples ,professionals or youths that want to be in control of their money or be better at managing their money. This is a fantastic skill for life – what are you waiting for.

Group Workshops – this is for groups that don’t want to do one on one coaching but would like some workshops to teach and train personal finance fundamentals in a group setting. This can be a one off session or series of sessions depending on group’s needs.

Fees and Charges- we have a free 15 minute first session to establish your needs and see if we are the right fit for each other. We charge because we want to create accountability to our customers. We want them to feel proud of their accomplishments as they work with us.We want them to put value to our work.

Our fees are either on a session by session basis or can be purchased as a package which is normally discounted. Our policy is fair pricing and we will reimburse costs if not satisfied with our work. Let’s talk!

Recreate your Money story !

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    Our personal money coaches are trained in helping customers experience financial recovery and fulfil their dreams. They are qualified spending planners who will help you see your now and your future.They have a story to tell that has led them here. They are passionate and are truly committed to helping you establish a lasting change in your money behaviors and empower you for financial growth.