Empowering you for Financial Growth

What we are not

We are not Financial Planners neither are we Financial Counsellors. We therefore do not give financial advise or  recommend any financial products. We leave that to those professionals. We are somewhere in the middle .We only recommend based on an agreed spending plan.

We understand there are moments when you need to find someone who can  just help you figure it out -clarify your goals and walk with you.We like to call ourselves the foundation builders – we help you create a good solid foundation in case you missed it like some of us. We help you figure out the now so you can reach the tomorrow. A different eye with a different perspective helps. 

We help you navigate through some of your money issues so you can get to where you want to. It is actually fun.

Whatever it is whether debt managemet,savings plans, spending plans, accounts set ups, planning fora holiday /buying a home or financial education we are here to help you figure it out.

If we cannot help, we will refer you to the right professionals who have your success at heart.

We help you create long lasting change for your financial success.

We care about your dreams..Talk to us and we show you how.