Empowering you for Financial Growth

Our Story

After graduating from University  with a degree in Commerce( finance being one of my majors) i landed a job in banking and finance  where i have worked in different sections for over 10years.You would think it was a no brainer that as a finance professional i would have all my finances in order. I It was not the case for me. I had a lot of head  knowledge in finance but not much practical understanding.

When i look back i realised i had absolutely no idea about my financial behaviours and attitudes. I had absolutely no idea about financial management.I was in a lot of denial- after all i was earning all this money and single.I was having a good time and spending all my money. After all who had taught me about money and i deserved spending my hard earned  money.

I then met my husband who had also just finished his studies . He was an IT professional  back then. Putting it in simple words – we both had absolutely no money sense. It was  a disaster.

However while i was in banking i saw a  trend -many professionals like myself and my husband earned enough money but they never seemed to make ends meet. It was the middle class whom i started getting concerned about. Too busy to get into their finances but also wanting to live the dream. It ended up in a vicious cycle of debt and unpaid bills.

We could identify with all these people. It was our little secret-noone knew. We were spending more than we were earning without realising it and borrowing without understanding what we were getting into. We were deep in debt covered with shame but we could not gather the courage to seek help.

The question was how did we end up here?  A banking professional and IT professional – How?

To cut a long story we had emergencies that we were not prepared for  that brought us down. We were desperate ,broke and in deep debt and a baby in the picture .We finally got to breaking point and we sought some help. It was a relief but the shame and embarrassment was real.

We had help creating a fantastic spending plan and a debt management plan in place. We were grateful. But when we looked back we realised we had not really dealt with our money behaviours. we felt the need to address this. We started reading on anything and everything  financial  and  really digging deep to find out how we got where we  got. It was a long but worthwhile journey. We began our journey of healing and educated ourselves. We paid all our debts and we applied all the principles we had learnt through our journey  and it was working. Things had changed.

Having gone through this journey we began to feel a deep obligation to help others realise their financial dreams . It became a passion of our hearts  to help restore stolen dreams- we had to do something  and use our experiences and skills.  This gave us a great desire to not only help  others wherever they were at in their finances but to also educate ,help people identify their money habits and how to overcome them and empower them with holistic spending plans supported by coaching..This is how Restored Finance was birthed.It’s more than spending plans and debt management – it goes deep to the roots of money issues to restore hope and empower people for lasting financial success.

It’s time to change the way you handle your Finances.