Empowering you for Financial Growth

Who we are

We want to create value in our brand through great customer service and accountability to our customers.

Restored Finance is a brand about restoring hope to those that :

  • Are In financial distress because of unmanageable debts and bills
  • Do not want to live from pay check to pay check any longer
  • Want to take control of their finances and know what they spend their money on.
  • Want to put down manageable structures in their accounts and finances
  • Want to create savings/spending  plans for now and the future
  • Want to deal with bad money attitudes and behaviours  to understand how they got where they are
  • Are too busy to take a look at their finances
  • Want to better their finances and improve on finance education.

Not everyone has been taught how to handle finances.We at Restored have made it our purpose to help restore financial dreams by educating, empowering and standing with you.

We are a brand that is authentic, that has integrity and  that values your success. We believe your success is our success story.

We want to impact our customers by equipping them with the right knowledge and education .We want to help our customers face bad money behaviors and  help them establish good money behaviors resulting  in financial growth/recovery, freedom and lasting success. We want your commitment for transformation as we are passionate about your financial growth .

    • A business that offers excellent and personalised customer service .
    • A business of integrity and honesty
    • A business that values customers and the fulfilment of their goals
    • A business that values accountability to its customers.
    • A business that thrives to give back to community .
    • A business that is innovative and that quickly adapts to customers’ technological requirements .
    • A business that encourages creativity both internally and externally.
  • Transform and restore customers financial wellbeing in a holistic and personal way through coaching and various financial education techniques so they can be empowered, equipped and educated to make lifestyle changes in their lives for financial growth .

  • Empowering you for financial growth.

It’s time to change the way you handle your Finances.